May 19, 2000
        Mr. Daniel Eisen
International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers

Dear Mr. Eisen :

        I want to take this opportunity to wish you the utmost
success with your upcoming Evening of Conscience Dinner, to be
held in Jerusalem on June 4th, 2000. The issue of Israel's
missing soldiers is, for obvious reasons, particularly close to
my heart, and I wish to commend you and the International
Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers for your outstanding
efforts on behalf of the MIAs and their families.

        The Coalition should be lauded for leading the lobbying
initiative which brought HR 1175 to passage. The passage of this
legislation with such broad support in the House and the Senate
is testimony both to the determination of the Coalition and to
the importance which Congress places on the resolution of this
issue. As you know, I have vociferously supported your campaign
in Congress, and cosponsored the Senate version of HR 1175. I
believe that your efforts on behalf of the MIAs have given an
unprecedented and much needed profile to an issue that has not
been adequately addressed in our country's attempts to help
secure a lasting peace in the Middle East. It has been a source
of tremendous satisfaction for me to have been able to
contribute, even a little, toward moving this issue forward.

        I fully concur with missing Israeli airman Ron Arad, who
wrote sardonically from captivity that "One should not have to
remain in captivity, when there are other alternatives." Please
be assured that I remain committed to seeking other avenues and
"alternatives" that might further advance this most worthy
humanitarian cause, and finally return Zachary Baumel and the
other MIAs to their families.

John McCain
U.S. Senator

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