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May 6, 1998

HEADLINE: Arad's 40th Birthday noted sadly


The 40th birthday of Israeli prisoner-of-war Ron Arad was noted yesterday at a rally in Tel Aviv Ironi Aleph High School.

The event was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Katsav, Tel Aviv Mayor Roni Milo, members of the Arad family and hundreds of Students. Ron's brother, Chen Arad, addressed the crowd: "What is there to say after 12 years? Is Ron alive? Is he dead? It is hard to see this can-do country so helpless...." Yoske Harari, chairman of Ron Aran Public Committee, added "We are not celebrating a birthday. We are noting a sad event in the history of this country, which, in its fiftieth year, is unable to bring about Ron's release." Three air force Phanthom jets flew in a four-aircraft formation over the ceremony. The fourth, and missing, jet represented Ron's Phanthom, which was shot down over Lebanon on October 16, 1986.

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