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June 14, 1995


BYLINE: Liat Collins

The families of the three soldiers missing in action since the battle of Sultan Yakoub in the Lebanese War in 1982 visited the Knesset yesterday to mark the 13th anniversary of their disappearance.

Yona Baumel, father of Zachary Baumel, accused the government of not doing enough to bring the boys home. "For years we were told that we [Israel] had the goods but we had no partner to talk to; now we have a partner but they are not doing enough."

Baumel said he is particularly upset because "our sons are not being sacrificed for peace but for the peace 'process.' And that's a big difference." He said that some politicians, including Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin openly state that pressing the issue of the MIAs and POWs will upset the peace process and "others think it, but don't have the courage to say it openly."

He said he had no expectations of the Knesset meeting, noting he had wanted to meet with the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee rather than just be present in the plenum discussion.

Knesset Speaker Shevah Weiss met briefly with the families before leaving for a memorial service for the soldiers who fell in the Lebanon War. "Unfortunately, the exploitation of POWs and MIAs has turned into one of the tools of war in certain areas, a most cruel tool," he said.

Yosef Katz, father of missing soldier Yehuda Katz, called on the government not to sign any peace agreement before the POW issue is solved.

The parents of Zvi Feldman were also present.

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