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September 17, 1982

HEADLINE: Washington Briefs



Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Charles Percy Friday asked Syria to allow the International Red Cross to visit a New York-born Israeli soldier captured in Lebanon by Syrian forces June 11. Percy, R-Ill., made the request in a letter to the Syrian ambassador in Washington. He identified the soldier as Zachary Baumel, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., 21 years ago.

Baumel holds dual American and Israeli citizenship and, according to Percy's letter, was captured by Syrian forces in Lebanon on June 11 at a site identified as Sultan Yacoov, northeast of Lake Karoum. Percy said that Syria has granted the International Committee of the Red Cross access to three Israeli prisoners of war held by the Syrians but has denied access to five other, including Baumel. ''Since Mr. Baumel holds citizenship as an American born in New York, I am particularly eager to know his situation and to receive a report from the International Committee of the Red Cross that access to him has been granted,'' Percy wrote.

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