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August 16

HEADLINE: IDF to renew search for Guy Hever


CoS Lt. Gen. Moshe Ye'elon has ordered the IDf to renew its efforts to locate Guy Hever. Hever was last seen exiting the IDF base where he was stationed on the Golan Heights, on his way home exactly 7 years ago, the 17th of August 1997.

No signs have ever been found, nor any clue as to his fate. Intensive searches failed to locate a body, his weapon or any other clues.

There has been speculation that he may have inadvertently crossed the Syrian border, or was kidnapped by Palestinians terrorists in Syria. However no evidence supporting these suspicions has ever been unearthed.

His parents have tried to garner international support, and have met with various diplomats and deal brokers, including the head of German Intelligence, who has brokered prisoner swaps with Hezbollah.

The IDF is examining all possible options, including that he may have been held in Syria all these years, and is still there.

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