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November 5

HEADLINE: Shin Bet compiles list of 400 for prisoner exchange


Acting on government instructions, the Shin Bet has compiled a list of 400 Palestinian security prisoners slated for release.

Security officials on Wednesday refused to divulge the identities of the prisoners saying the list had yet to be finalized but noted it had been drawn up in accordance with criteria set by the government.

"Until the list is finalized we cannot divulge information concerning the affiliation of the prisoners but can say that they belong to all the terrorist organizations," an official said.

Once the list is finalized it will be published on the Prison Service website as was done with the last release of security prisoners carried out by Israel in the framework of faith building measures to the Palestinian Authority in August when a total of 442 Palestinian prisoners were freed to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

In June, Israel released over 100 Palestinian security prisoners as a gesture to the PA including Fatah member Ahmed Jbarra Abu Sukkar, 68, a terrorist with blood on his hands.

Sukkar who immediately went to the Ramallah headquarters of PA Yasser Arafat to received his blessing allegedly placed the bomb in a refrigerator that blew up in Jerusalem's Zion Square in July 1975 killing 14 and wounding over 60.

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