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September 24

HEADLINE: Former German mediator says Arad is alive


Missing IAF Navigator Ron Arad is alive and incarcerated in an isolated Iranian jail, former German mediator Schmidbauer told a delegation of Likud MKs last weekend, according to delegation member MK Ayoub Kara.

If true, the mediator's report would contradict recent statements by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that the only missing Israeli remaining alive is businessman Elhanan Tannenbaum.

Kara said he would report details of the meeting with Schmidbauer to Arad's family.

But the two other Likud MKs who participated in the meeting, Minister-without-Portfolio Gideon Ezra and Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim said Kara misunderstood Schmidbauer and took him out of context.

They both said the former mediator revealed nothing new about the missing and kidnapped soldiers.

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