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October 22, 2001

HEADLINE: MIA Families Embrace Ze'evi's Family

By Allison Kaplan Sommer

In a condolence call to the family of slain minister Rehavam Ze'evi, members of the International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers said that they would add the late minister's name to their organization.

Yona and Miriam Baumel, the parents of missing soldier Zachary Baumel, told Ze'evi's widow Yael, that the step reflected, the tremendous help he gave to us and to the Israeli soldiers in captivity. They presented Yael Ze'evi with an army ID tag engraved with the names of the missing Israeli soldiers.

Yael Ze'evi responded that one of her late husband's greatest wishes had been to bring back the missing soldiers, and that the army ID tag the retired general always wore had been a symbol of his dedication to that mission.

The Baumels and other MIA supporters visited the Ze'evi family yesterday in their Ramat Hasharon home.

The Jewish Agency Board of Governors convened at Jerusalem's Hyatt Regency Hotel yesterday, paying tribute to Ze'evi at the site of his murder.

Alex Grass, chairman of the board, said that by holding its meeting at the Hyatt, the Jews of the world are declaring that they "will not be intimidated."

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