“The sword is worse than death.

Famine is worse than the sword.

And captivity is worst of all.”

(Babylonian Talmud -- Tractate Bava Batra 8b)



Former Israeli Prisoners of War

A Speaking Tour



Former Israeli POWs – Ambassadors to Your Community

In the aftermath of the recent war in Iraq there has been a growing media interest in the experience of Israelis who were prisoners of war in Arab countries. Their accounts of captivity are riveting. Wherever they speak, audiences sit in frozen silence as these former POWs recount their experiences as Jews and Israelis who rose to survive unimaginable conditions and inhuman abuse at the hands of their captors. Despite their suffering in captivity and the years of trauma that followed, these former prisoners can be counted amongst Israel’s best ambassadors to the general community. They bring a unique perspective on Judaism and Israel that transcends religious and political affiliation. These men deserve to be heard – you will not forget what they have to say.



The Lecture Tour

The International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers (ICMIS) is coordinating an international speaking tour featuring former POW Yoav Ben-David and other leaders of the Israeli POW community. In 1997 Ben-David brought the plight of the former Israeli POWs to the attention of the Israeli public with the television showing of his chilling documentary “Erim Ba’laila,” (literally “those awake at night”). Ben David is also the founder of the national organization representing the POW community in Israel. Yoav will be available for speaking and/or a showing of his film (subtitles in English), as will a representative of ICMIS who will provide background and information regarding the ongoing campaign to free Israeli MIAs and POWs who still remain in captivity.


Other Speaker Options

ICMIS Chairman Danny Eisen will also be available for speaking engagements. Over the last ten years Mr. Eisen has led the Coalition's international lobbying efforts for Israel's missing soldiers in Washington and other capitols across the globe. Mr. Eisen, who has been involved in advocacy and grass roots mobilization for over 20 years, is available to lecture on his extraordinary experiences as an advocate for Israel's missing and captured soldiers and the opportunities for your community's participation in these efforts. The lecture will provide insight into the ethical and political complexities of the Israeli MIA issue which has been the subject of fierce debate in Israel. Mr. Eisen has also lectured and led workshops on grassroots mobilization, leadership and Israel advocacy in the community and on campus.



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